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Group Events

Sea kayaking is a fun way to get people working together. We offer mental and physical games and challenges which are both goal orientated and fun and are tried and tested to promote team-work. We can facilitate groups of up to 100 clients and can provide onsite catering.

Please discuss your needs with us so that we can custom build events to suit your group.

Team Building

Team Building
We have a large number of team building games on offer, such as:

Blindfolded Navigation - Teams travel through an obstacle course with the front member as the paddler and blindfolded and the rear team member giving verbal instructions to avoid the obstacles. This is a very teamwork intensive game.

Commando Raid - Teams must get their groups safely to the "Rescue Ship" with only 2 kayaks and 1 paddle. The first team to land on the ship wins. This activity emphasizes teamwork and problem solving.

Tug of War - We tie two kayaks together for a simple tug of war. Not much skill is necessary - but this fun activity helps to build team morale.

Relay Race - This is a great game for large groups. Teams race around a course swapping paddlers during the race. The team to race all the members around the course first wins. A great morale building game as teams members cheer and encourage each other.

Beach Games - We also cater for groups on the beach with a variety of team building games. These include building things with sand, survival challenges and physical games. Ask us for more information.
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