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The coastline of the Maltese archipelago has a varied topography, natural beauty and historical importance. Malta, the largest island, has a coastline length of just under 200 km, whilst the island of Gozo is approximately 56 km long and Comino is 15 km long.

We have bases in both Malta and Gozo, and also have trailers to allow us to start trips anywhere in the archipelago.  This allows us to offer a variety of routes, and to operate across the islands to make the best of the wind and weather conditions. For those of you who would like to circumnavigate the Maltese archipelago then you will need a minimum qualification of BCU 3 Star (or equivalent), as required by Maltese regulations.

We offer a range of holiday options and have listed some below - however we are also happy to discuss your needs and create a holiday just for you!

Important notice
All trips are weather and wind dependent and we can not guarantee a particular route in advance.  The guide will choose the safest and most suitable route for that day's conditions.


3 Day Excursion

3 Day Excursion
If you have already booked your trip to Malta then this package fits easily into your holiday. Book a full 3 day excursion with us and explore the best parts of the Maltese islands. During the 3 days of paddling we offer the following itinerary:

1 day paddling from our base in Mellieha Bay
1 day paddling on Gozo
1 day paddling around Comino

Picnic lunches are provided for all 3 days.

Long Weekends

Long Weekends
If you're planning a short break / long weekend, then join us for 2 days.

We include:
2 full days of kayaking
Sea kayaks and safety equipment
3 nights self catering accommodation
Airport Transfers

Picnic lunches are provided for both days.

One Week Excursion

One Week Excursion
A whole week allows you to explore the Maltese coastline in a relaxed manner and enjoy the clear warm waters. The one week excursion has been developed to combine the best that the islands have to offer and also to work on your paddling skills. If you are already a qualified BCU 3 star paddler then do let us know as there are then no restrictions to where we can take you - making a circumnavigation of the islands a possibility!

Our one week tours consists of:

5 full days of kayaking
Sea kayaks and safety equipment
7 nights self catering accommodation
Airport Transfers

Picnic lunches are provided for all 5 days.
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