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Our short kayaking trips are perfect for families and kayaking beginners.

For group bookings, we usually  use Sit-on-Top kayaks which are extra wide and stable.  They are an ideal option if you want to kayak with students , group of teenagers or even for company team building events.


€53per person

Pre-booking necessary

Sit-on-top kayaks are much wider than sea kayaks, and do not have a hull covering your legs (imagine sitting up you’re your legs along the sofa).  This makes them very stable and ideal for   kayaking tours with children, students, group of friends or work colleagues!  The lack of hull around the hips and thighs also makes sit-on-tops a more comfortable option for larger people, and less scary for anyone a little nervous about taking to the water.

Our group  kayaking tour   uses sit-on-tops to explore the rocky coastline and caves of Hondoq and Qala and can also be suitable  to take you to Comino and visit its caves and hidden beaches.



Sit-on-Top Kayak Tours

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